Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fabric Shopping - Done!

A couple months ago some friends and I set the date for an all-day fabric shopping adventure - Saturday March 9.  It seemed like it took forever for the day to arrive, but yesterday finally came.  With lots of excitement and lists in hand, we set out at 7:30 in the morning to spend the day in the most dreary weather.  Gray skies and a wintry mix of slush, sleet, snow, rain, and slick roads accompanied us throughout the day.  We counted six cars in the ditch on our way north, but it didn't stop us.  We were dedicated.

Our first stop of the day was Country Fabrics and Quilting in Brainerd.  I think it may have been a year since I was last there; we stayed for two hours.  And I realized after I got home that I really didn't look around enough!  I meant to look through the shelves in detail, but got distracted by a little project I've looked at several times in other quilt shops but didn't think needed to be on my must-have list.  When I saw the samples at Country Fabrics they were just so darn amazing that I changed my mind and ended up buying the pattern and enough supplies and materials to make two!  The pattern is Terry Atkinson's Classmate.  Isn't this mix of Echino and Melody Miller lovely?  Plus fun colored zippers and Echino webbing...I could just about say eek.

I lucked out yesterday as Steffani, who runs the shop with her mom, was working.  Such a treat to chat with her about all things fabric- and sewing-related.  She gave me names of a couple designers I'm not familiar with (can't wait to look them up!) and was so super-helpful w/ project details.  She (and her mom) often make additional samples, modifying the pattern in some way, which is great visual inspiration to help you see different ways to work with the pattern.  And they're always willing to talk through the samples with you, sharing any special techniques they used when making the project.

Here are a couple pics from Instagram of one of the Classmates Steffani made - outsideinside, and all filled up and ready to use.

I love their shop and wish I lived closer!  Planning to make sure it's not another year before my next visit.

After stopping at the other quilt shop in Brainerd, Colorz for Quilts, and lunch at Hardee's, we headed back down to St. Cloud for a stroll through Gruber'sCrafts Direct, and JoAnn's.  I stuck pretty close to my list the rest of the day.

I picked up pink and orange solids, and that brown and white text print at the bottom to go with this little bunch of fat quarters I had put together from my stash.  I've had a plan for this set for a little while now, but needed the solids to go with it.  I had been envisioning pretty pink and orange shot cottons, but I don't think any are available in these particular bright shades, a bummer as I really wanted that soft texture and extra depth.  Luckily I found shades of Kona at Crafts Direct that perfectly matched my vision, and they were on sale for $4.98 a yard (All Kona is on sale through the end of the month if any of you need to stock up on solids).

Last Sunday I was at Millie P's looking for binding fabric for a different project, and they had Posy in stock; I didn't have my fat quarters along, but took a gamble and bought some, planning ahead for the backing of this quilt, and was pleased to find when I got home that it was a great match.  Here's a shot of it all together:

Spring-y and fun. Yum!

Aside from the Classmate supplies and additions for the project above I picked up a few random pieces:

I have tentative plans for the typewriter fabric and the gray fat quarter at the bottom, but the rest was for fun.  I've been keeping my eye out for black fabrics that I like, picking them up here and there for a future quilt, but letting that one simmer for a while and collecting slowly.

The pigs are from Heather Ross' Nusery Versery line - as a side note my favorite project with that line was Rachel's mini quilt.  I'd love to have a piece of the mice on white; they're just so cute.  Looks like this shop still has some and it's even on sale...but, saving my pennies for an upcoming bus hop I'm going on with my mom.

All in all a fun day with friends that had us feeling excited and inspired to get sewing!

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