Friday, July 15, 2011


Just got back Wednesday evening from my first sewing retreat with our quilt guild.  Aside from one little project, it's been a few months since I've sewn anything, so I was really excited to get some things done.

Here's an in-progress peek at a quilt top I finished:

I also made some progress on an overdue gift...waiting to show pics until it's done.

And another completed project - it took up until the very last second of the retreat to finish this bag.

So happy with the result; it took hours longer than I thought it would to complete and in spite of forgetting a couple key pieces I managed to get it done (thanks to the local quilt shop and a fabric scrap from a friend).  Thanks again girls for hanging out with me to the very end!  And special thanks to Rebecca, whose clear thinking got me through those darn gussets.

There were so many lovely projects being worked on during the retreat; I'll see if I can get some pics to share.

And of course we fit in some shopping time.  Bought these with the intention of making a few little somethings from this book.  But ran out of time at the retreat so I'll have to make some time to sew at home!

Love this pair.

And then - WOW - stopped at an amazing quilt shop in Brainerd.  Definitely a good thing I don't live closer.  I couldn't resist picking up a couple fat quarters of my favorites from the Sherbet pips line, and a few other lovelies as well.  They had Anna Maria's new line Loulouthi, which just came out a few weeks ago, and they were already out of my favorite prints...sigh.

Check out their selection of modern fabrics...again, wow.  Check out the slide show of shop pics on their home page and you'll see what I mean; tons of beautiful samples - quilts, bags, clothing.  Definitely not to be missed if you're in the area.

A wonderful few days, hanging out with friends, watching chick flicks, and getting lots of sewing done.  Perfect little summer vacation.

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